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You have reached the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of the UP Mindanao University Library!  

Our OPAC is part of the Library's Information Management System (LIMS) hosted on our webpage ALARM (Academic Libraries, Archives and Records, Museum), a fully-integrated library management system that contains print, online, and all the available digital resources developed through the years.  Our OPAC, likewise, serves as a redundant backup to our website contents to serve both the needs of our users, and mitigate the effects of disruptions on our digital environment.    

Through this platform, we hope that our users will find their fullest potentials as intellectuals in the academe whose passion for research and publication are foremost in our goals and objectives, guided by our mission, "We are the single most potent instrument by which the University discharges its teaching, research, and public service functions in pursuit of truth, knowledge, and wisdom." 

Daghang Salamat, 
Very sincerely yours,
University Librarian 

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