Coping and adaptive strategies of typhoon Bopha survivors in New Bataan, Compostela Valley : the role of cooperatives /

Olbes, Darelle I.

Coping and adaptive strategies of typhoon Bopha survivors in New Bataan, Compostela Valley : the role of cooperatives / Darelle I. Olbes ; Jon Marx P. Sarmiento, adviser. - 81 leaves

Thesis, Undergraduate (B.S. Agribusiness Economics)-U.P. Mindanao

The occurrence of typhoon Bopha, also known as bagyong Pablo has brought an immense alteration to the lives of the survivors. Its impact to livelihood, particularly in the agriculture sector, increases the number of vulnerable individuals. Smallholder farmers were seen to be the most affected and incurred huge amount of damage in terms of farming structures. This study focuses on determining the coping and adaptive strategies applied by the typhoon Bopha survivors in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. Specifically, this study considered the agricultural households who are also members of GLAMCO and NEBAWASCO, and non-cooperative members as the control group. This is to determine the role of these cooperatives to their members during the phase of recovery. There were only 6 barangays included in the survey. Coping Strategies Index (CSI) was employed to calculate the CSI score and to determine the most applied strategies, while Tobit regression was employed to determine the factors affecting the CSI score. Results showed that the most applied coping strategies were the relying to assistance, abandoning of farms, reducing consumption, and borrowing money. On the other hand, the most applied adaptive strategy was the rehabilitation of crops. It was also identified that the cooperatives were able to extend their support to their members, most especially during the phase of recovery. Hence, the study recommends that the agricultural households should encourage themselves to join cooperatives which cater their needs, The cooperatives should also maintain a good quality of service in order to retain the loyalty of their members. Furthermore, farm-related training or seminar activities to farmers are very vital for the progress of their farm output. Thus, the LGU should expand or implement more projects that would help address the farmers' needs.

Cooperatives--New Bataan, Compostela Valley.
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