Socio-demographic drivers of resource conflicts in Davao Region, Philippines /

Wabina, Vanessa Ellen R.,

Socio-demographic drivers of resource conflicts in Davao Region, Philippines / Vanessa Ellen R. Wabina; Pedro A. Alviola IV, adviser - 2019 - 82 leaves

Thesis (BS Agribusiness Economics) -- University of the Philippines Mindanao, May 2019

Natural resources such as land, water, and minerals are the Philippines? most valuable resources because of their economic, social and environmental importance to the country. However, the increasing dependence on these resources intensifies competition and often lead to conflict. Over the years, studies on resources conflicts have given more attention at the global scale even these conflicts are rooted from local communities. This study aims to identify the incidence of resource conflicts in the Davao Region and analyze the factors affecting its occurrence. The study employed mixed methods of quantitative and qualitative analyses to understand better the variations of conflict. Land, water, and mineral conflicts were observed throughout the provinces of Davao Region where land conflict is predominant. Sociodemographic factors including age, civil status, sex affiliation in groups, and months were found to be significant factors affecting the community-based conflict over shared resources. The social and economic dimensions of these conflicts were also analyzed. In general, this study highlights the importance of the role of institutions in influencing resource conflict.

Undergraduate Thesis --ABE 200b,
University of the Philippines Mindanao
The University Library, UP Mindanao, Mintal, Tugbok District, Davao City, Philippines
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