Prevention is better than cure : a 5-year strategic plan for Bioanalytical Laboratory and Diagnostic Clinic Inc. (BLDCI) /

Domingo, Cherry S.,

Prevention is better than cure : a 5-year strategic plan for Bioanalytical Laboratory and Diagnostic Clinic Inc. (BLDCI) / Cherry S. Domingo; Lemuel O. Calatrava, Aurelia Luzviminda V. Gomez, Vlademir A. Shuck, advisers - 2019 - 102 leaves

Thesis (Master in Management) -- University of the Philippines Mindanao, April 2019

This paper is a comprehensive five-year strategic plan for Bioanalytical Laboratory and Diagnostic Clinic, Inc. (BLDCI), a health care service organization. It has been in the service industry since 2009. However, it has not established its marketing plan. The weak stance in its internal and external environment is an immediate concern to be addressed. The Fred David?s conceptual framework was used as a guide in the process. It started with a general overview of the company, a thorough analysis of the external and internal environment which leads to the proposal of its mission-vision-goals. The ultimate goal of this paper is to propose a strategy, implementing programs and controls for the organization in its quest to gain a stable market share and sustainable growth in revenue in the service industry. The proponent did a judicious research on varied literature and related studies to determine the socio-cultural, technological, economic, ecological, political and the industry?s impact to the organization. To establish its position in the industry, the proponent utilized information from the organization, feedbacks through survey and personal interview. The proposed strategy, market penetration and development, were anchored on the identified strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. It encompasses the four (4) key functional areas of the entity: finance, operations, marketing and human resource. The chosen strategy intends to increase its market share and present these services to a new geographic area. This will address the issues and concerns on the growing demand of medical services due to government regulations; positive economic performance of the industry, bullish growth of the insurance industry, stiff competition, absence of marketing plan, and low profitability. The proponent lined up strategic activities and timeline in the implementation process. In the monitoring, the use of control system indicated will ascertain the success of the implementation. This strategic plan is geared towards the fulfillment of the vision-mission of BLDCI which focuses on quality service, human resource and sustainability

Policy and Strategic Management --M241,
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